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Fun Patches your troop needs this winter

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Why fun patches? Fun patches give you and your troop the freedom to get super creative and mix in some activities for service, for celebration, for troop bonding, or just for fun!

We've met several Girl Scouts that have so many patches they begin adding them to blankets, or even adding fabric to their vest to create more room. Girls love to collect patches and their vests end up being like a "new age scrapbook" for them. To help your girls add to their fun patch collections, here are a few fun patches that we thought they might enjoy.

1. Winter Fun.

Get out and play in the snow.  Build a snowman, make a snow angel or just take a walk and listen to the sounds of a winter day.

2. Snow Tubing

Have a winter adventure snow tubing or sledding.

3. Ice Skating

Enjoy a winter Olympics moment by going ice skating.  Can you skate a figure eight, do a spin or just stand up?

4. Baking

Nothing is better on a cold winter’s day than the smell of something baking in the oven.  Try cookies, bread, or any family favorite.

5. Rock Painting

How about a craft while you are stuck in the house?  Try rock painting and then scatter them where they can be found and enjoyed by others during the spring thaw.

6. Bowling

Get your friends together for a bowling party.  It gets you out of the house and everyone will have a great time.

7. Service from the heart

Even though the holidays are over, there are always people in need.  Plan a service project for your troop or just a find a way to give back.

Remember there are no rules for fun patches, your troop or individual girls can earn them as they all see fit. And troop leaders, don’t feel left out, you can collect fun patches too! Since adult volunteers don't have sashes or vests, one of the most popular placements is on a tote bag. So help your girls earn away and watch the back of their vests (and the outside of your tote bag!) fill up with a wide array of fun patches.

What to do next:

  • Check out our fun patch catalong to find hundreds of fun activities for troops and individuals. Then email us at to place an order. 
  • Browse the Badge Explorer if you are on the hunt for badges instead of fun patches.