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5 Tips for a Successful Fall Product Sale

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While not nearly as famous as our iconic Girl Scout Cookies, our annual Girl Scout fall product sale features a wide variety of goodies, like nuts, candy, magazines, and mugs that help teach critical business skills and fund our girls’ amazing adventures.

Why should you participate in the Fall Product Sale?

For starters, the fall product sale is one of the best ways for girls to start earning troop funds, that way they don’t have to wait until late-spring after cookie season to start having fun (and troop leaders don’t need to spend any of their own money to fund the troop). The costs of extracurricular activities can add up pretty quickly, and for most troops, participating in the fall product sale and the Girl Scout Cookie program covers the program’s various expenses, like annual membership dues, uniforms, troop shirts, activity registration fees, and troop meeting supplies, just to name a few.

In addition to start-up funds, the fall product sale provides girls with valuable skills, such as customer service, organizational skills, creative problem-solving, money handling, marketing savvy, and goal-setting. Whether she’s taking online orders, going door-to-door, or working a booth sale with her Girl Scout sisters, the fall product sale gives girls the chance to put their skills into action, show off their Girl Scout spirit, and let their confidence soar as they interact with their customers.

With all this in mind, here are 5 key ways to help your girls have a successful fall product sale:

1. Set a troop goal

Do your girls want to complete some new badges this winter, or maybe save up for a big event 6 months from now? Whatever their hearts desire, make sure they set a troop goal. By working as a team, even new members can feel a part of something bigger as they participate with their new friends towards a common goal. Troop leaders can help guide their girls’ dreams, but remember, activities should always be girl-led. Keep your parents and girls updated on your troop’s sales and remind girls to set individual goals, that way their excitement lasts all season long.


2. Prepare for the sale

You know the good ‘ol Girl Scout motto—always be prepared! From troop leader logistics (like finding a troop fall product chair and setting up your troop’s bank account) to girl preparation (like practicing your sales pitch), make sure you and your troop are prepared for the fall product sale. 

3. Get the families involved

If the parents know why the girls have set their goal for a specific amount (because that’s how much they need to sell to earn their way to the awesome activities they have planned), then they are better able to do their part in supporting and encouraging your girls. Plan a parent meeting before the sale begins, with both parents and girls in attendance, to ensure that all the parents know the key dates and expectations for the sale. Bonus points if you let your girls do the talking!

Oh, and Girl Scout product sales are the perfect time to get parents more actively involved with the troop, because it gives them a one-way ticket to spending more one-on-one time with their girls.

 4. Make sure all volunteers receive the proper training

Whether you’re a troop leader, service unit fall product chair, or parent helper, make sure you check out GSBDC's fall sale trainings, where there are trainings available for every role! The online trainings are quick and easy and will provide everything you need to know to have your smoothest sale yet.

Pro Tip: Need more support? Try reaching out to another adult volunteer who has headed up the sale previously for his/her troop—they can be a great resource for questions and best practices!

 5. Help your girls maximize their sale!

Why should the girls in your troop have an online site? It's easy, fun and convenient! To set-up an online storefront, it takes less than 5 minutes. During the set-up, girls get to set up their personalized avatar. Once they have it set up, their Me2 avatar will have their own online room that the girl can visit. Beyond that, online storefronts are very convenient to customers, especially those from out of state. Online storefronts have two shipping options - either delivery by girls or ship directly to the customer. This means that family from out of town can still order without seeing an order card in person. As a reminder, fall products will be delivered before Thanksgiving - perfect time for pick-up!