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Believe what you read--Girl Scouts are amazing! Our Council publications are sure to impress. Our Annual Report tells a dynamic story of girls and adults making the world a better place. And we also provide resources to help you in your volunteer role.


Program Guide K-12 - Fall/Winter 2017-2018


Your Donor Connection - Summer 2017


Camp & Travel Guide - Summer 2017


Impact Report 2016 (Annual Report)

  • Stereotype Busting (And Super Fun) Gifts for Girls

    You know your girl can be—and accomplish—anything she sets her mind to. So when choosing a holiday gift for her, don’t limit yourself to traditional “girly” presents and toys or even what’s specifically on her list. Gift giving is a great opportunity to open her up to new ideas, interests and experiences she’s not yet even aware of. There’s a whole world of fun out there for your daughter, and not all of it comes in a shade of pink.

    If she loves dressing up, find fun and creative costume sets that will help her dress up as a superhero, doctor, or fire fighter. Princesses are fun, too, but having options and switching it up will boost her imagination and remind her of all the possibilities open to her.

    If she loves movies and cartoons, look into stop motion animation sets. Several brands are making kid-friendly options that will help her create and direct her first feature. Who knows—by next year, she might have an Oscar nomination!

    If she loves being outside, give her a pair of cute new hiking boots, a water bottle or canteen, and a map of local trails. The two of you can spend your holiday break planning which treks you’d like to take next.

    If she loves watching sports, help her make the team herself. An over-the door basketball hoop (or one for the yard), a street hockey set, or new soccer gear are all great gifts with staying power. Regular time spent with you to practice? Icing on the cake.

    If she loves stargazing or is into horoscope...

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  • When Your Girl is a Grinch

    The air is getting colder, jingle bells are…jingling, and everything’s supposed to be merry and bright…right? Well, sometimes that’s not the case—especially when your girl is feeling a bit “grinchy.” But instead of letting your daughter’s mood put a damper on the holiday, get to the bottom of the problem so her holiday (and yours!) can be a whole lot happier.

    The Problem: School Stress 
    Many schools schedule finals or big exams for right after winter break, and your girl could feel torn between enjoying her time off and prepping for these important tests. Prioritizing is hard! Adding to that pressure for older girls, the final deadline for some college applications is just around the corner.  

    The Fix: Make a Plan of Action 
    It’s tempting to ignore the clock and let loose over holiday break, but when your girl has a big deadline coming up, it’s important to build in time for her to study or complete a project. Help her map out what she needs to accomplish by the time classes start back up again, and then spread it out over the days she has off so she can both celebrate the joys of the season and make sure she makes the grade.

    The Problem: Your Elf is Exhausted Letting her stay up late to watch a holiday special or to linger a little longer at a fun and festive party might seem like a good idea in the moment, but everyone, especially your little one, needs rest to maintain a good mood. Even if she hasn’t been staying...

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  • Fact: You're Probably Doing Family Thanksgiving All Wrong

    We’ve all seen the commercials of parents calmly and happily sitting around the perfectly-laid Thanksgiving table with their equally calm and happy children and extended family. The mashed potatoes are being passed from one end of the table to the other as guests laugh and reminisce. So sweet, so nostalgic, so unlike what goes on in most homes across the country!

    Seriously, where’s the mom and her bandaged hand from trying to chop veggies before she’s had her morning coffee? Where’s the dad waiting in the most epic of lines at the bakery after the dog got into his homemade pie the night before? Also missing: the last minute scramble to make sure you have nut-free, vegetarian options so your favorite cousin has something to eat; dealing with your not-funny but won’t-stop-talking uncle; the tried-and-true family argument that just won’t go away; and oh, yes, the dishes. The piles and piles of dishes.

    Truth? Thanksgiving should be a time to take a (probably much needed!) pause to celebrate all the wonderful things in our lives, and to teach our children the value of thankfulness. But who has time to really reflect when you’re too busy cooking and cleaning to even sit down and eat with the family?

    “It sounds cliché, but Thanksgiving, at its core, is all about focusing on life’s riches—our loved ones, our time together, our health,” says Girl Scouts’ Developmental Psychologist, Dr. Andrea Bastiani Archibald. “But in this age of Instagram an...

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  • Quick Tips on Raising Thankful Kids

    We’ve all seen it happen. A child is opening gifts when she gets a playset she already has. Rather than saying thank you, she shrugs, says, “I already have this,” and sets it aside before moving on to the next present. Of course you’d like to think your daughter would never react that way—or would she?

    Being grateful goes way beyond polite manners—a 2008 study published in the Journal of School Psychology showed school-age children who count their blessings are happier in school, more optimistic, and feel more satisfied with their lives in general. “So often, kids focus on the concrete—what don’t have, and what they want,” says Dr. Bastiani Archibald. “But always wanting more, different, or better creates anxiety and stress. Recognizing what we do have, instead of focusing on what we don’t, brings peace and calm.”

    Naturally, gratitude is a value we all hope to see in our children, but because feeling grateful doesn’t have cut-and-dry instructions—like, say, brushing your teeth—it can seem a bit trickier to teach. The great news? When you express gratitude for the awesome people and things in your life, you’re helping your daughter to value similar aspects of hers. “It’s not just about tangibles,” says Dr. Bastiani Archibald. “It’s those more meaningful gifts like a loving family, good friends, food on the table, and a safe place to play that matter. Many girls aren’t aware that others don’t have those things.”...

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  • The Simple Secret to Her Best Halloween Yet

    Your daughter’s imagination might just be the most valuable thing she has. Not only does it bring so much joy to your family—and prompt a good laugh here and there, too!—it helps her come up with innovative solutions to problems. It helps her think big, aim higher, and achieve beyond her wildest dreams. It helps her see the possibility in every situation. And it just so happens that you, as her parent, have an amazing opportunity to help her develop her imagination and creativity: Halloween.

    That’s right. This annual celebration of ghosts, ghouls, and goblins is ideal for tapping into and encouraging your daughter’s natural creativity. “Not many parents realize this, but Halloween is more than just fun. It’s a valuable time of year for your girl’s development,” says Girl Scouts’ Developmental Psychologist, Dr. Andrea Bastiani Archibald. “It’s a time when she can actually ‘be’ whatever she wants and try out new roles, however briefly—whether that’s a favorite animal, a professional like a firefighter or an astronaut, a historic figure, a character she loves, or even a totally make-believe creature she thought up herself.”

    Follow these tips to help your girl get the most out of this spookiest of seasons and have a blast this Halloween!

    Give Her Time to Dream Rather than picking a costume for your girl based on which one you think will look cutest, let her take the lead! Yes, taking her to the store and letting her choose from among the costume...

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  • 6 Tricks to Boost Her Confidence Today

    You want your daughter to dream big and achieve huge things in her life—and the first step to that kind of success is helping her to believe she can do anything she sets her mind to. Steal these six boost-her-up secrets from Girl Scouts’ resident Developmental Psychologist Andrea Bastiani Archibald and watch her confidence soar.

      Catch her being clever Kids are so terrific at observing life’s funniest, most puzzling, and inspiring moments. When your daughter helps you see a situation in a different light, tell her why what she said is so interesting and how she changed your thinking. It matters to her that you’re really listening, and that you appreciate what she has to contribute (which is a lot!). Switch up the compliments If she’s used to being praised on her looks (or even her singing voice or on her soccer prowess), make sure to tell her how great she is at other things, too. She’s got many talents, and should know that they’re all valuable—that her identity doesn’t have to depend on any one of them. As far as talking about how cute she is (I mean, come on, she’s adorable!) it’s fine to tell her she looks nice, but make sure those comments are sprinkled in amongst applause for her numerous skills and talents. She’s way more than just a pretty face! Work up a Sweat Whether you initiate an impromptu yoga session in the living room or challenge her to a round of hoops on the driveway, getting active with your...

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  • 5 Things Your Girl Might Say Instead of "I'm Being Bullied"

    Being picked on, made fun of, or straight out bullied is traumatic in many ways—but it might also be something your girl feels uneasy telling you about. While you of course would want to support your girl in every way you can, she might worry that you’ll be disappointed in her—or even think the situation would only get worse if she asked for help. Additionally, there's a chance that she doesn't fully understand what's going on or doesn't want to be seen as overly sensitive, so she might not classify bullying behaviors as bullying—even when they clearly are. That said, she might be telling you something’s wrong in other ways. Girl Scouts Developmental Psychologist, Dr. Andrea Bastiani Archibald, has identified a few things your girls might say that could indicate a bigger problem.

    1. “Can you drive me? I don’t feel like taking the bus.”  Sudden and repeated avoidance of her school bus, or of going to school altogether, can be a signal that those places feel unsafe to her. Try asking, “Who do you usually sit next to on the bus?” and see what she says. Or if she’s making excuses not to go to school, you could say something like, “I heard there’s been some bullying problems in our town. Do you ever see anybody being picked on or being treated badly at school? What happens?” The key is to look for any change in behavior. If she used to be fine with the school bus (or walking to school with friends, or any other activity) and suddenly wants to avoid it altog...

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  • 6 Important things to teach a new Girl Scout

    Welcoming new girls into Girl Scouts is very exciting – for leaders, girls, and parents. There are a lot of things for new Girl Scouts to learn and absorb and information coming from an amped-up Girl Scout leader can be… overwhelming. From the Promise and Law to favorite songs, here are some important things to teach your new Girl Scout. Make sure the returning girls in your troop take turns leading each one of these activities at your meetings, as it might take more than one meeting for your new girl(s) to feel comfortable with the routine.

    1. Making New Friends, The Girl Scout Way

    The girls need to get to know one another before diving head-first into Girl Scout traditions. Start your first meeting with an icebreaker so everyone has a chance to get to know one another on a deeper level. Heck, do two icebreakers if time allows. And while you’re at it…have the parents do one if they stay at the meeting. The better the parents know one another, the more comfortable they’ll be, which in turn will improve your entire troop dynamic (and will likely help you recruit more parent volunteers).

    2. The Promise and Law

    Repetition is key with the Girl Scout Promise and Law. Start every meeting reciting both. It’s a great chance for all the girls (and leaders) to get a refresher because they probably don’t recite it every night before they go to bed (wink, wink). There are a lot of great craft ideas on the internet&...

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  • New program content webinar for Administrative Volunteers - Hosted by GSUSA

    This webinar is for administrative volunteers with roles including service unit managers, service unit teams (cookie manager, finance manager, recruiter and registrar), council trainer and facilitator, or council mentor.

    During the webinar you will hear updated information on our new badges and Journeys, learn how your troop leaders can get started, discover how to effectively use the Volunteer Toolkit (VTK) when implementing this new content rollout, and get your questions answered.

    Thu, Sep 28, 2017 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM EDT

    Register now!

  • Learn more about the JOANN + Girl Scout partnership in this quick video

    Learn more about the JOANN + Girl Scout partnership in this quick video


  • JOANN + Girl Scouts

    Have you heard the news? Girl Scouts and JOANN stores have teamed up to inspire girls, troops, and volunteers to explore their individual creativity and use it to make a positive influence in the world by offering a 15% discount to Girl Scout members, lifetime members, volunteers, council staff, and parents.

    I don't know about you, but we are so excited for this program - I'm already thinking about all the projects troops are going to work on this year... troop t-shirts! Cookie booth decorations! Posters for a park clean-up event! And the list goes on.

    Here is everything you need to know about the JOANN Girl Scout loyalty program so that you, too, can inspire creativity within your troop. Let's dive in, shall we?

    The Perks: Empowering Her Creative Genius Has Never Been Easier 

      Use your loyalty card to receive a 15% discount on your purchases. Every purchase. Every day of the year. In-store and online. What could be better? Attend the special Girl Scout events at your neighborhood store, where you can work on badge requirements and awesome art projects, such as designing your very own sit-upon. It's the perfect opportunity to have the best Girl Scout meeting ever (except you don't have to plan a thing). Host your troop meetings in your JOANN store's classrooms - it's an ideal space to plan your next travel adventure, work on a Journey award, or build a head-turning cookie booth. During...

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  • 5 Tips for a Successful Fall Product Sale

    While not nearly as famous as our iconic Girl Scout Cookies, our annual Girl Scout fall product sale features a wide variety of goodies, like nuts, candy, magazines, and mugs that help teach critical business skills and fund our girls’ amazing adventures.

    Why should you participate in the Fall Product Sale?

    For starters, the fall product sale is one of the best ways for girls to start earning troop funds, that way they don’t have to wait until late-spring after cookie season to start having fun (and troop leaders don’t need to spend any of their own money to fund the troop). The costs of extracurricular activities can add up pretty quickly, and for most troops, participating in the fall product sale and the Girl Scout Cookie program covers the program’s various expenses, like annual membership dues, uniforms, troop shirts, activity registration fees, and troop meeting supplies, just to name a few.

    In addition to start-up funds, the fall product sale provides girls with valuable skills, such as customer service, organizational skills, creative problem-solving, money handling, marketing savvy, and goal-setting. Whether she’s taking online orders, going door-to-door, or working a booth sale with her Girl Scout sisters, the fall product sale gives girls the chance to put their skills into action, show off their Girl Scout spirit, and let their confidence soar as they interact with their customers.

    With all this in mind, here are 5 key ways...

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  • WVU to host a Girl Scout day

    The West Virginia Mountaineers will host Girl Scout Day on November 4th, 2017 vs. Iowa State Cyclones. Tickets are only $30 each and includes admission to the game and each Girl Scout Member will receive a 2017 Football Scout Day Patch! This exclusive rate is open to all Girl Scout Members, families, and friends.

    All patches can be picked up on the day of the game just inside the north gate entrance by the Touchdown Terrance Seats. There will be a table next to a stand selling programs with a sign that reads "SCOUT DAY PATCH PICK UP." The table will remain set up until the end of the 1stquarter.

    Please contact Derek Stahl if you have any further question at 304-293-8635 and we hope to see you at Milan Puskar Stadium November 4th!

    To order tickets, simply click the image below or visit and use the promo code: GIRLSCOUTS17.

  • Introducing New Journeys and Badges for STEM and the Outdoors

    On July 17, 2017, Girl Scouts of the USA released programming for 38 new badges and Journeys focused on outdoors and STEM, which are available at no additional cost through the Volunteer Toolkit! This new programming follows the same model as the current badge and Journey options and is intended to be an add-on to the program choices now available to girls and volunteers. Here's a quick snapshot of the new awards available to you and your girls:

    Outdoor Journey

    Anchored by the Troop Camping badge, this new Journey will strengthen girls' outdoor skills and ignite their interest in environmental stewardship. Girls will also complete a Take Action project.

    • Available for Daisy, Brownie, and Junior troops 
    • Formatted as a downloadable PDF on the VTK for Cadettes, Seniors and Ambassadors (launching mid-August)

    STEM Journeys

    Designed to increase girls' aptitude and interest in STEM topics and fields, these new Journeys will introduce girls to a wide range of skill-building opportunities in areas like robotics, programming, and citizen science. Available for Daisy through Junior, and Multi-level (K-5).

      Engineering | Think Like an Engineer: Girls learn how to think like a designer by participating in hands-on design challenges and completing a Take Action project.  Computer Science | Think Like a Programmer: Girls learn how programmers solve proble...

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  • Adventures are waiting.

    Date:  July 23-28, 2017

    Location: Boy Scout Camp Mountaineer, Morgantown, WV

    Pack your bags and head to Camp Mountaineer for an adventure-filled week this summer!  Challenge yourself to new heights on the new zip lines and climbing tower, as well as, at the C.O.P.E. (Challenging Outdoor Personal Experiences) course.  Keep your eye on the target at the archery range, stay busy in handicrafts and paddle from shore to shore at the lake, during this resident camp experience. 

    The camp has a high adventure theme, special Girl Scout social activities, and survivor skill challenges will also be included in this year’s programming.  This camp is back by popular demand, so sign up right away.

    This event is open to 3rd grade Brownies who are Bridging to Juniors and up. 

    All participants are required to complete BSA health exams. 

    Adults must be a current member and have a successful background check on file. 

    Tents/canvas cots are provided, or participants can bring their own.

    $300 per girl. $100 per adult. Register by June 23rd.

    Questions? Contact Kathy Storage, Camp and Travel Manager. 

  • Renew your membership, get a patch!

    We know who loves patches almost as much as the girls — our troop leaders do! All girls and up to two leaders per troop who renew their membership for 2018 by June 15th will receive our celebratory early bird patch to sport proudly all year long.

    Renew today!


  • Service Unit (local) Day Camps

    Nothing says summer like Girl Scout camp! At day camp, girls can continue their Girl Scouting experience with day’s full of sun, fun, and friends. With us, the good times never end.

    Check out our list of Service Unit camps and register your girl today.

  • Physics with the WV Black Bears August 4, 2017

    Physics with the WV Black Bears August 4, 2017, 7:00 pm. Come cheer on the West Virginia Black Bears baseball team as they play at the Mountaineer County Ballpark. Afterwards, enjoy fireworks and then join us as West Virginia University faculty lead us in amazing activities that demonstrate the elementary physics that make the game of baseball work!

    If you'd like to camp on the field afterwards, be sure to register for the camp out option. Camp out ends on August 5th at 9:00 am.

    Registration Options
    Option 1: $9.50 includes game ticket with fireworks & physics demonstration
    Option 2: $24.00 includes game ticket with fireworks, hotdog/drink during game, & physics demonstration
    Option 3: $33.00 includes game ticket with fireworks, hotdog/drink during game, physics demonstration, night snack, and morning continental breakfast

    Registration opens on May 1st and closes on July 14th! You must register through the WV Black Bears:

  • Camp and Outdoors

    Camping is a great way for girls to explore leadership, build skills, and develop a deep appreciation for nature. Whether for a day, a week, or longer, Girl Scout camp gives girls an opportunity to grow, explore, and have fun under the guidance of caring, trained adults.

    Reserve your space at Girl Scout Camp for spring and summer now! Our camps are currently being booked for spring and summer camping trips for troops, and service unit day camps. And, they are filling up quickly! If you are planning to hold a camping trip this spring or summer and want to guarantee your space at one of our camp facilities, book now!

    At Camp Rocky Ledges and Camp Giscowheco we have platform tents, half cabins, lodges as well as showers, flush toilets and big kitchens to work in.  In the Girl Zone we have 2 bunkrooms with 12 beds each, big bathrooms and kitchens.

    Questions? Call us at (304) 345-7722 or email